The Rosetta Stone platform has been adopted by the university since A.Y. 2020/2021 for the attainment of language proficiency.
Students requiring technical support or further information not contained on this site are advised to contact the Department al the following e-mail address: supportounimestoneeconomia@unime.it

Old courses up to A.Y. 2019/2020
Students enrolled in courses prior to A.Y. 2020/2021 are required to continue to follow the study programme of that particular year and book for the exams on the “ESSE 3” platform. They can, however, benefit from Rosetta Stone by choosing the unmonitored goal “Learning a language (personal study)”.

Products - “Foundations” & “Fluency Builder”
After having accessed the platform and chosen the language proficiency goal related to their course of study, students will be required to take the initial “Placement Test” lasting approximately 30 minutes. The sole purpose of this test is to determine the students’ initial level of knowledge (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) and enable the platform to place them in the most suitable level: “Foundations(Levels A1/A2) or “Fluency Builder(Level B1 upward). For this reason, it is advisable to take the test very carefully, because it will be necessary to determine the level, but it will absolutely not be evaluated at the end of the course.

NB: The main purpose of “Foundations” is to fill the gaps in the students’ basic preparation. In order to reach the higher levels from B1 upward, students will have to formally request to be upgraded to Fluency Builder, as the transfer from one product to the other is not automatic.

Goals Closed by Mistake
Students are informed that it is not necessary to request support in the case of goals that are accidentally closed by mistake. The problem can be resolved by simply reactivating the same goal and choosing the same language of study. The platform will then permit you to resume lessons from the point in which they were interrupted, without losing the hours of study already completed.
Language Proficiency Courses from 1 to 4 credits
Students with a language proficiency subject in their study programme (from 1 to 4 credits) and who are not in possession of an officially recognized language certificate, are required to carry out a certain number of hours of activity on the platform in the ratio of 1 CFU = 25 HOURS.
Students enrolled in courses from 1 to 4 credits are not required to take a final exam.

  • On completion of the goal on the platform, students can request the credits by means of the link indicated on this page in the section “AVVISI” – “Richiesta CFU per obiettivo raggiunto entro il _____

The staff of UniMeStone will then verify, not only the number of hours completed but, in particular, that the activity on the platform was carried out correctly and, at the end of MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and NOVEMBER, the credits will be awarded to the group of students who will have lodged a request by that date and who will have fulfilled all the requirements.

Language Proficiency Courses from 5 credits upward
Students with a language proficiency subject in their study programme (from 5 credits upward) and who are not in possession of an officially recognized language certificate, are required to take the final exam. There will be 4 exam sessions during the year in the months of March, June, September and December which will be held in the computer laboratory of the Department of Economics (Ground floor – Building B) and students can book for the exam by means of the link indicated on this page in the section “AVVISI” – “Prenotazione al test della sessione di _____ “.


From the 2022 September exam session, students will no longer be required to have completed the previously obligatory hours of study on the platform in order to take the final test. Students, therefore, can now take the test in any of the programmed exam sessions, regardless of the number of hours completed and after having chosen their goal and taken the initial Placement Test.
On the basis of the result obtained in the initial entry test, students can now autonomously calculate the hours of activity they need to carry out on the platform in order to reach the level required in their course of study.

Students, however, are strongly advised to carry out as much activity as possible on the platform as it will provide them with a better preparation and give them a higher possibility of passing the final test. The students’ activities on the platform will, in any case, continue to be monitored by the staff in order to assess their progress.
As already mentioned in the note above, we remind students who have been placed in the platform “Foundations” on the basis of the result they obtained in the Placement Test, that they need to request an upgrade to “Fluency Builder” so that they can carry out part of their studies at the level required by their course (B1 or B2) and thus increase their chances of achieving a good result in the test.

Progress Test
The “Progress Test” that the platform proposes after a certain period of activity on the platform is an instrument that students can use to evaluate their progress. As it has many similarities with the final test, students are advised to take it only after having carried out a valid number of hours of activity on the platform and, in any case, just shortly before taking the final test in order to help them evaluate the level they have reached.

Instructions on how to access the platform “UniMeStone”: 
1. Go to the website https://unimestone.it 
2. Login with your University username and password.
3. Choose the language goal associated with your course of study. 
4. Click on the icon “Avvia Rosetta Stone”.